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Personal Dust Monitoring Wearables

DustCanary helps you:

Dust Canary Industrial Worker with Face Mask

Air Samplers

Periodic tests

DustCanary CPAS Monitor

Personal Respirable
Dust Alarms

Daily protection

DustCanary Trend 420 Personal Monitor

Personal Respirable
Dust Monitors

Daily protection
and Surveys

The value of personal dust monitoring in the workplace

DustCanary advantages

Real-time monitoring

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DustCanary Monitor and Sampler Range

DustCanary 220DustCanary 420DustCanary - CPASDustCanary - CPAM
PurposeRespirable dust alarm for workplace safetyRespirable dust monitor for workplace exposure protectionWearable compact sampler for Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) assessmentWearable monitor and sampler for conducting dust exposure surveys
Dust fraction measuredRespirable dustRespirable dustInhalable dustRespirable, PM1, PM2.5 and Inhalable
Measurement frequencyInstantaneous with configurable alarm delayRecording of 1–60 s averageAverage for sampling periodRecording of 1–60 s average
Usable OutputVisual and audible alarms on exposure to respirable dustGraphical Display (dust level & trend) Visual and audible alarms & Record of Respirable dust over timeAverage dust concentration over working shiftDynamics of concentration of different particle sizes over working shift
Occupational Health BenefitWarning to personnel to fit Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) properly or move away from exposure areaRecords of respirable dust exposure and personal protectionCompliance with Workplace Exposure LimitsInformed dust exposure data for mitigation plans

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