DustCanary – Personal Dust Monitoring Wearables

DustCanary Advanced web application for respirable dust exposure reporting

Advanced web application for respirable dust exposure reporting

The DustCanary browser application provides a responsive, fresh, secure and private web experience for reporting dust exposure profiles recorded by DustCanary wearable dust monitors.

The software makes it easy for Health and Safety professionals to connect a DustCanary wearable device to a PC in order to configure the audible and visual alarms, download recorded sessions of the dust profile and produce reports of respirable dust exposure vs time.

Using wireless Bluetooth communication, a series of function tab menus and editable bar displays, the browser app is intuitive and convenient to use. It provides a secure and convenient method to manage the recorded dust and alarm data in the wearables and analyse the results. The Live View feature enables tracking and graphing the actual dust level in real-time through Bluetooth communication and dust exposure data can easily be graphed with Excel or synchronised with video taken at the time.

This information provides valuable insights to help diagnose the source of dust hotspots and monitor the effectiveness of mitigation actions and dust control measures to help reduce workers’ exposure to respirable dust.

IT features of the non-Cloud based DustCanary app include:

  • Runs within a web browser without the need to install or download software which would normally need IT security screening
  • Can be used ‘off-line’ after initial use which is of value to remote service personnel or those working on sites where internet access cannot be guaranteed
  • Data is stored locally avoiding security issues associated with managing data in the Cloud

The DustCanary browser app runs within both Google ‘Chrome’ or Microsoft ‘Edge’ web browsers on hardware using Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.