DustCanary – Personal Dust Monitoring Wearables

DustCanary extended personal dust monitoring range

DustCanary extended personal dust monitoring range provides affordable protection to multiple workers on the move

Real-time personal dust monitoring, as a new tool for managing exposure risk in the workplace, helps warn and inform workers about their potential exposure to increased respirable dust including respirable crystalline silica (RCS).

The new DustCanary ALARM 220 extends the DustCanary wearable dust monitoring range of instruments and provides affordable real-time dust detection for multiple workers on the move. Visual and audible alarms alert the wearer when they are exposed to increased respirable dust levels above preset limits. The more advanced DustCanary TREND 420, with in-built datalogging of qualitative dust levels, gives visibility to dust hotspots and exposure trends over time. Both instruments complement compliance tests with gravimetric sampling, providing additional information to enable dust levels to be controlled and minimised.

At the heart of both DustCanary devices is a robust, high-quality sensor with 2l/min sampling from the front of the device for representative dust measurement. Compact, lightweight and with no sampling tubes or waist worn pumps as catch hazards enable convenient, continuous use without interrupting productivity and work patterns.

DustCanary’s real-time personal dust exposure alarms and monitors are part of the tool set that employers can use to minimise dust exposure and help safeguard respiratory health in the workplace.

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