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Improving Silicosis Outcomes in the UK: The All Party Parliamentary Group report

DustCanary fully supports the recommendations of the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Report – Improving Silicosis Outcomes in the UK’. Long term

DustCanary Spring Events Coming Up - The Health & Safety Event 2023, NEC, Birmingham

The Health & Safety Event | NEC, Birmingham | 25-27 April 2023 The Health & Safety Event is the UK’s largest gathering

Improving Silicosis Outcomes in the UK: The All Party Parliamentary Group report

January 2023 sees the release of a new report from the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Respiratory Health which includes

DustCanary types of real time monitoring

The benefits and pitfalls of monitoring workplace exposure to dust are well documented and with the use of more precise terminology, visibility

It’s no coincidence that the DustCanary brand has strong links to the canary’s traditional role in mines. The recognised phrase ‘a Canary

DustCanary Lungs Respiratory health

Awareness of environmental health and air quality is increasing worldwide. Workplace dust in particular poses various health risks including respiratory problems and


Workplace air sampling measures the exposure of workers to gases and dust enabling control measures to be subsequently implemented to help protect


Access to real-time sampling and monitoring data from workplace dust exposure is a game changer for workers, employers and Occupational Hygienists alike.

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